Q: What is your process when taking on a new job?
A: View our detailed roadmap for a successful project here: https://aletogroup.com/aletos-renovation-roadmap-for-a-successful-project/

Q: Do you require a design fee?
A: Once you accept our budget numbers and are ready to move forward we will draw up a design agreement
which allows us to develop conceptual design sketches, floor plans, elevations, samples of interior finishes or other project elements based on your project. And, now that we are working together, we can fine tune the design and price out different options in detail to help you make informed decisions.

Q: Where will construction debris go?
A: Our crew will clean up the jobsite at the end of every day. If necessary, a dumpster will be brought in during construction to remove any large debris.

Q: What will happen to the parts of my home that are not being renovated?
A: We strive to keep your home and its belongings safe during construction. We will hang plastic in doorways to keep dust to a minimum and put floor protection down when walking on services that are not under construction. We recommend that you use a dust-rated furnace filter during construction.

Q: How will I be kept informed?
A: Our Production Manager will visit your job site daily and communicate with you in person, email or phone. You will also have a designated communication spot in your home where we will leave any information that you need to review or sign.

Q: Does someone need to be home at all times during construction?
A: No. With your permission we will install a lock box so that we can come in and work on your home while you are away.

Q: Do you help with selections?
A: Yes, our designer will take you shopping to guide you through the selections process. Our customers enjoy having our talented designer to help them pull together the look they are dreaming of and keep their selections in line with the budget.

Q: How do we pay?
A: Your payment schedule will be printed on your Build Agreement. A portion of your project fees will be due at different stages based on the project.