The Aleto Construction Group’s holistic process starts with an idea and grows from there. When you call us to consider how to bring your renovation to life, here’s what you can expect from us.

1.         Initial phone call. You learn about Aleto and give us an overview of your project. After this call you will receive a short questionnaire that helps us delve into your design preferences, scope of work and lifestyle.
2.         Phone consultation with the Head of Design Build. We will call you to talk through the questionnaire and the construction details of your project.
3.         An in-person consultation. We visit you at your home to see the project, take photos and measurements. We will talk through the process and rough budget numbers.
4.         Your acceptance of the budget numbers. We will confirm the rough budget numbers and prepare a design agreement for you to sign. Your acceptance of the design agreement will lead us to the design/development phase.
5.         Design/Development. We begin developing conceptual design sketches, floor plans, elevations, samples of interior finishes or other project elements. Our designers will work with you to find styles that reflects your family’s tastes and comforts.
6.         Preliminary design and pricing. Now that we’re working together, we begin to fine tune the design and price out different options in detail to help you make informed decisions.
7.         Review updated pricing and construction contract. We update pricing to reflect your selections and design changes. When you’re happy, you accept the construction contract and we schedule your work.
8.         A preconstruction meeting. Prior to the start of construction, our design team introduces you to our production team and formally hands off the project.
9.         Construction. As your vision comes to life, our project manager visits daily. To ensure you’re kept informed, we will provide you with daily updates by text, phone or email, as you prefer.
10.       Walk-through and warranty. We don’t pack up our tools and leave until your vision is complete. When you’re delighted, we issue your certificate of completion, lien wavier and information on our 5-year warranty. And, if you allow, we take some glamor photos of your project!