New Construction

Renovation thinking informs our building style


A home is so much more than a choice of fixtures or floor tile. It’s a living, breathing system that reflects your family’s traditions and comforts. That’s what makes it such an important reflection of your life. Aleto gives you more ways to express yourself in the artistry of your architecture.


More than a year in the making, this 3-bedroom, 2 ½ bath property shows Aleto’s meticulous attention in every detail, from the window placement and proportions to the location of each light switch. A designer kitchen features modern frameless cabinets and a stunning 14-foot island that reflects the home’s narrow but thoughtful urban floorplan. Windows tie indoor and outdoor spaces together, magnifying the effect of the whole. Other quality-of-life features include dual walk-in closets in the master, a second-floor laundry and a side porch with a wall of windows off the kitchen.


These traditional brick rowhouses located in an historic downtown district pay tribute to the city’s great architectural legacy. They reflect classic urban styling with a decidedly modern edge to their interiors, where open, inviting spaces to promote the flow of modern living. With contemporary finishes and features throughout, these nearly-complete residences will make a great past live again.


While these projects may give you an idea of what Aleto can do, they probably aren’t exactly what you have in mind for your renovation—but that’s only because we haven’t spoken yet. Contact us now, what you see in your mind’s eye today may be the featured project on this page tomorrow.

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