Patricia — Patti, in person — is much more than the owner and president of Aleto Construction Group. She is also its heart and soul, its voice and handshake.

Since 1995, she has been a central part of the company founded by her father, Tom Aleto. Now at the helm, Patti brings a lifetime of hands-on experience to every contact and every client. Drawing on lessons learned from her father and the industry as a whole, she lives and breathes the construction business as few can, with an intuitive grasp of aesthetics, architecture and financials. It’s a powerful combination that every homeowner wants in their corner.

A member of countless boards and builder associations, Patti is plugged into every industry development in the St. Louis market, as well as some outside the area. She began her work in the construction business as a cabinet maker, and she applies that roll-up-your-sleeves mindset to connect meaningfully with clients, helping them to realize visions of the perfect space, executed with the care and craftsmanship that would make her father proud. A dedicated vegetarian as well as 20-year practitioner and instructor of transcendental meditation, Patti’s approach to life is as holistic and spiritual as her approach to building and design.


Andrew came to Missouri for college in the 1990s and never left. A proud Mizzou graduate, Andrew has spent more than 20 years creating lasting partnerships in real estate, construction and related industries in the St. Louis area (CWE, Southampton and St. Louis Hills), as well as building an impressive resume of marketing expertise.

Andrew is particularly proud of the work Aleto does with new construction, and spends most of his time cultivating lasting relationships with clients. In his spare time, however, he enjoys the St. Louis restaurant scene (Farmhaus, Element and Bar Les Freres are among his favorites). In the few quiet moments he gets, he can be found enjoying a glass of wine and discussing business strategy with his partner, Mark, and his beagle, Jackson.


Mike continues the family tradition for thoughtful design as Aleto Construction’s Head of Production. When a new project takes shape, Mike is the one talking—and listening—to both the customer and the builders who will bring their vision to life. He is constantly on the move, juggling a thousand priorities without dropping the ball for anyone.

As you would expect from a man in his position, Mike thinks fast on his feet and always finds the humor in any situation. Trusted by contractors and customers alike, he can bring projects to life like no one else—and he never quits until the job is done. Married for 25 years to his wife, Paula, they have three children and three grandchildren (so far). Now in High Ridge, Mike has been a part of this community for a long time, particularly the backyard grilling and smoking scene.


Clint is a local guy who knows this trade like few others. For more than 20 years, he’s been part of the building scene in and around St. Louis and Jefferson County, which he learned in his own family’s business. This expertise makes him a rare gem when it comes to understanding and estimating work for Aleto’s clients.

Clint enjoys the simpler side of life, describing himself alternately as a bit of a rustic, and a bit of an urban tough. He lives in St. Louis with his wife and two daughters. Clint has made a study of seeing life from every perspective, high or low, and this helps him better understand each customer’s unique approach.


A graduate of Hickey College right here in St. Louis, Jaime puts her education and experience in business management to work in countless ways for Aleto. She has worked in home construction for more than 12 years, providing knockout customer service, marketing and event planning that helps spotlight great results—and fulfilled dreams.

Now living in Ferguson, Jaime, her husband and three children enjoy the community more with each passing day. They enjoy shopping and dining at local merchants and participation in their local parish. Jaime is in love with her century home and enjoys entertaining guests whenever friends or family are in the neighborhood.


Sharon has many years of experience in all forms of finance, going back to her early days as an options trader on the floor of the CBOE while attending DePaul University in Chicago. She discovered St. Louis when she met her wife, a St. Louis native, while attending music school in San Diego to learn jazz guitar.

Sharon still enjoys her twin passions of finance and music. The St. Louis Blues Society named her Best Blues Soloist in 2017, and fast on the heels of that achievement, Sharon has been accepted to the Harvard University Online Business Program for 2018. Sharon knows how to harmonize melodies and money alike, making her a valued addition to the Aleto team.


Working as a field carpenter for Aleto, Dave is a skilled craftsman who enjoys hobby woodworking in his spare time. Dave is a EPA-certified Lead Renovator. While it’s not uncommon for a carpenter to lose a little blood from time to time, Dave really makes it count by regularly donating to the American Red Cross, where he’s earned the title of 25-gallon donor (that’s 200 donations!).

Dave also enjoys reading and is an accomplished trivia buff.


One of Aleto’s field carpenters, Dan has a lifetime of experience in the field of construction. He spent 25 years supervising survey crews for a prominent engineering firm, so he’s seen projects of all sizes from the top down as well as the ground up. Our resident jack of all trades, Dan’s the go-to guy for quality carpentry work. He is also a EPA-certified Lead Renovator.

Dan likes to spend his quiet time in the garage, where he builds street rods and works on Corvettes for appearances in car shows. Naturally, his wife, Pam, gets her oil changes for free.


Micah is a renaissance man in the business, with a deep and diverse background that include glazing, painting and landscaping. He’s also experienced in framing new homes and all kinds of trim work, making him one well-rounded carpentry expert.

Micah comes from a large family, and it’s getting larger all the time. He is the youngest of four children and now boasts eight nieces and nephews – and counting. Micah was married in 2015 and loves spending time with his family.