As we close out 2020 we look forward to a fresh start. Each year designers put out lists of trends that are up and coming. You may be seeing some of these trends popping up on your newsfeeds and magazines or you have been pinning them to your Pinterest inspiration board.

At recent national conventions the talk of kitchen design is all about making the space multi-functional. The kitchen is the hub of the house and where everyone gathers at parties and get-togethers (yes, we hope we are doing that again in 2021!). Therefore, everything beginning from kitchen accessories matters. Kitchen Knives that are elegant and sharp are an addition to your kitchen’s look and function.Trends are leaning toward big open floorplans that allow for designated cooking and socializing spaces. To accomplish this, we are seeing more kitchen islands being incorporated into the kitchen design. This gives the cook extra counterspace for food prep or makes a nice buffet station for entertaining. Many homeowners are adding a separate beverage fridge outside the work triangle so guests can help themselves to refreshments while not disturbing the chef.

As more people prepared meals at home throughout 2020, undercounter appliances (read this article to know about the latest appliances that are introduced in this field), open shelving, smart storage, a work triangle that works and more functional cook spaces have been rising in popularity.  Trends are leaning that homeowners will start opting for two islands in the future, one for prep and one for seating and entertaining.

The year 2020 brought on new challenges in the technology world for many homeowners as we navigated the work from home or school from home waters. With those new work situations, it is no surprise that the surge in technology is rising as many people are asking for special charging stations in their home.

White and grey kitchens are still very popular among homeowners, but they are making room for more natural, warm tones in stained wood finishes that will be popping up in 2021. To dress up the kitchen backsplashes are being used at the artwork in the kitchen. Many kitchens will still have subway tile going in, we don’t see that going anywhere just yet. But, homeowners are using backsplashes to give their kitchen some color and shine. Glass tile is moving up in the ranks with homeowners adding lighting to highlight the tile. Beautiful stone countertops in marble look remains a top favorite for its luxurious style and elegance.

The colors for 2021 around the home are inspired by nature – both in natural earthly tones like greys, browns, beiges and more bright nature colors such as greens, reds, blues and yellows. The base of the color pallet is the more neutral colors and then homeowners are adding accent pieces of bright unexpected colors.

Houzz’s most popular kitchens for 2020 show a some of these up-and-coming trends. Check out the list here: