It’s conventional wisdom we’ve all heard: “Get three bids on your home improvement project to be sure you’re getting the lowest price.”

Ever wonder why three bids?

More to the point, ever wonder why people assume the best value is automatically found in the lowest price?

Like everything else in home construction and remodeling, things aren’t quite that simple. Of course price matters – but this is your home we’re talking about, and the good feeling of a low price fades fast if you spend the next 10 or 20 years living with results that eventually disappoint.

Is it a promise – or just a price?

It comes down to the contractor’s choice of materials, and of course the craftsmanship that goes into the job. True comparisons are made more difficult by the fact that contractors often structure their estimates differently – and how well prepared they are to deal with the unexpected, didn’t-see-that-coming situations that often arise in their work. The result is that a low bid can be followed by a number of change orders that include all these adjustments and modifications – so a low bid really doesn’t guarantee a low price at all.

A good contractor will take the requisite time to really understand your project, get a grasp on your vision of the final result and then invest in the quality materials that ensure your long-term satisfaction. Such a contractor stands behind the work, and more to the point, stands behind the integrity of the initial bid – even if it’s not the lowest of the three. Not only in the sense of the warranty, but in the contractor’s reputation and pride in his work.

Getting three bids is just the start, not the end, of the process

There are a lot of purchases that can be decided on price alone, but home improvement is not one of them. This is not some commodity with a universal level of quality – it’s a part of your life that needs to be done right. To get results you are proud of, you need to dig into each candidate’s capabilities, references and communication style. In short, you need to be satisfied that your contractor is someone you trust to listen to your needs, deliver the service – and final product – that you really expect. Over the long term, it’s always a better value than choosing on price alone.

Aleto Construction, for instance, will spend some real time talking with you about your project before providing a rough budget range. When you’re satisfied with that range, walk through the design process together, anticipating challenges and exploring opportunities so we can deliver a reliable estimate and the confidence that the results will amaze.

Aleto probably won’t be your cheapest bid, but we’ll deliver the best value in our creativity and craftsmanship. Your home deserves nothing less.