As 2023 draws to a close many are searching for the next big thing. What are the professionals calling for in 2024 design trends? The theme for 2024 is leaning toward bold and glamourous! Follow us along to see what experts are saying and what we are seeing trending for the upcoming year ahead.

Whether you look for paint colors, wallpaper designs, or accent pieces the trend is bold color and patterns. Colors rising to the top this year are dark and moody or bright and cheerful color pallets. Either option is sure to awaken the modern aesthetics designers are longing for. Don’t worry, if dark or bright isn’t your cup of tea there are also plenty of natural, earthy tones that are growing in popularity from basic whites to taupes and creams. Patterns are playing a huge roll in personalizing spaces this upcoming year. Many are choosing to put up a striking pattern wallpaper on powder room walls or accenting their furniture with fun and interesting pillows.

Mixing textures to get an organic feel to the home is rising in popularity. We are seeing textured materials on fabric such as couches, curtains, pillows as well as in more permanent features like tile and countertops. Textured materials give a sense of depth to any space. Mixing varying textures is advancing to the top of many designers go to aesthetic. Textured walls seem to be getting left in the past. Homeowners are trading in their shiplap walls for plain walls and adding their textures in furnishings that can easily be modified.

Mid-century modern is making a big comeback with some newer touches for 2024. People are craving the clean lines and simplicity of mid-century modern stylings. Furniture and cabinetry will have softer curves. A nod to the mid-century modern style will also include nostalgic patterns from yesterday as well as many handmade items such as Zellige tiles. Ratton materials used in lighting, chairs and other furniture will be combined to add the texture to space in earth tones. Gold accents will adorn many pieces such as vases, glazed ceramics and trim pieces.

Granite is making a splash! Homeowners are trading in the light colors and consistency of quartz to more moody and earthy granites. The natural designs and nature coloring of granite is trending. To go with the natural elements of the granite we are also seeing a surge in requests for wood-stained cabinetry. We aren’t talking about grandma’s old cabinetry – we are talking about thin profile cabinets in deep walnut or white oak varieties. The cabinetry is being paired with big statement range hoods.

Lighting will be seen on both ends of the spectrum – homeowners are leaning toward minimalistic lighting or dramatic lighting that demands your attention upon entering the room. With the growing desire to bring the outside in and the inside out we are seeing this lighting trend adorn exterior spaces as well.

Whether you follow the trends or are a design to last a lifetime person, we can help you design and build the spaces you desire. Reach out today to see how our Design Build process may be a good fit for your project.