Home projects have a way of morphing over time. A simple bathroom update can turn into a total redesign in no time. So how do you plan a renovation, where do you start? That’s easy. You call Aleto Construction Group. We will talk with you about your project, what you want to see design wise and most importantly how you will use the space. We dive into the details of what your current “pain” is for your spaces, what functionality you want to improve and then work with that in mind toward your new space all while keeping your budget in mind. Having a clear understanding of the end goals keeps the project on track.

As you prepare for your 1st in-home appointment you should be thinking about what works and what doesn’t work in your exiting home. This is personal for each home and each homeowner. It is not uncommon for two people living in the same home to feel differently about these spaces. As you think about functionality you should also be thinking about design. What colors do you like, what materials do you like, etc. Many come to us without really knowing what their style is.  And, that is ok! Our designers will work with you on solutions to your functionality and design aesthetics.

Homeowners often come to us and say – I don’t know what I like, I don’t really have a style. Which more times than not, isn’t the complete truth. By working with our designers, we can uncover your design style that you didn’t know existed. We often ask our homeowners to look for inspiration photos on Pinterest, Houzz or in magazines and share those with us. One of the most helpful avenues for both us and the homeowner is to have the owner save all the photos that have something in them that they like or something that they absolutely do not like. By studying the photos, we can pick out minor details that the photos have in common and help you define what you like. Now, why do we ask for the things you don’t like? Well, people know what they don’t like more than they know what styles they are drawn to. By giving us ideas of things you don’t like we can suggest designs and finishes that are more you.

Back to the spaces morphing into more than you anticipated…when you are living in a space that isn’t functioning well you may think, my house isn’t big enough and I need an addition. Which is true in some cases and not the case in others. When we come to your home and listen carefully to your “pains” that you want to alleviate by renovating your home you may be surprised that we may suggest modifying your spaces within the existing footprint of your home in a manner that will allow the spaces to feel bigger and function how you need. And, if not, we will suggest a right sized addition to meet your needs.

In the end, we want to help you love your home more by creating spaces that are functional, beautiful and within your budget. So remember, you are not in this alone! We are here to help you design, renovate or build the spaces of your dreams! We are here to help you dig into your needs and then build you the spaces that you desire. We build for you!