We are officially a month into 2023 and trends are being set for the rest of the year. What are expert designers from around the country seeing? Some tried and true designs that have longevity are sticking around and some new features or details are getting added in.

This year we will see more large format chandeliers and oversized lighting. Lighting is making a statement this year and will be the jewelry to any room. We are seeing a rise in BOHO style and natural materials making a splash. Lighting is getting layered in rooms to create moods, functionality and beauty. You will start seeing more lightning in glass cabinetry, under cabinets, in toe kicks and more. Many are opting for elegant lighting behind mirrors and around medicine cabinets for a dramatic uplift to their bathrooms.

Along with natural materials taking over the colors for 2023 are warm and invigorating. Earthy browns and greens of nature are being brought in and paired with natural wood elements. Soft pinks and rose colors are becoming an interest and bringing some softness and elegance to any room. We’ve even heard pink bathroom fixtures are coming back in manufacturing plants as of late.

The natural elements are pulling through to tile trends as well. Homeowners are loving the sophistication and timeless look of natural materials. Zelliege handmade tiles are still ringing in as popular choice that gives a unique and fun dimension to any space. Mosaic tile and pattern tile is growing in popularity for accent pieces. Tactile tile is spotlighted to give spaces a structural effect and offer a visually dramatic look. This year is all about the perfectly unperfect look.

In years past the cabinets have been the showstopper in cabinetry, but 2023 is drawing focus to the backsplash. The more dramatic the better. Quartz and granite slabs are having a minute as they are adorning the backsplash walls. Again, nature is spotlighted in the natural materials and choices homeowners are making from stained wood cabinets to warmer colors throughout.

Smart technology and functionality are top of mind. Homeowners are opting for the convenience of voice activated or motion activated devices to make their day to day a little easier. The vision of clean spaces and a minimalist lifestyle have lent their way to many creating butler pantries to hide their appliances and mess. A growing popular way to achieve this is a hidden pantry behind what looks like a cabinet door.