Like everything else in life, there’s a catchy name for the process most renovation and construction projects go through in order to deliver a final product. It’s called Design, Bid, Build (sometimes shortened to D/B/B or just DBB), and it works like this: The customer starts the project off by hiring a dedicated designer, who help build the idea into a complete and workable design. Then the customer takes the design to an entirely different contractor to handle construction, which is preceded by—you guessed it—a bidding process based on the design to identify the best, most economical builder for the job.

The Design, Bid Build process comes with challenges

The fact is that DBB is how most renovation and construction work gets done these days. But even though it’s a well-established process, it still comes with some common challenges and opportunities for error (and expense), including:

  • The customer is depending on the designer’s work to be accurate—the designers typically don’t work directly with the builder, so the customer is on the hook for any unpleasant surprises.
  • The designer may not be up to date on current material and labor costs, so the design may lead to an unexpectedly difficult bidding phase when the true costs are calculated.
  • Changes and adjustments are difficult and expensive, whether due to unforeseen realities of the project’s circumstances/location, or changes in the customer’s preferences.

The Design Build advantage

Aleto Construction Group believes that there’s a better way to see renovation and construction projects through from concept to completion—a simpler, straighter path called Design Build, or just DB. By bringing both design AND construction expertise to the table, we help avoid DBB problems by improving communication between all the stakeholders. Customer, designer and builder literally get onto the same page, and we stay there.

There are always subcontractors in the mix, but because the same group of people manages construction as well as design—and because both experts stay in touch with the customer—we straighten the path, reduce the risks and generally deliver a better product. Because we work together, we can spot time and cost efficiencies that can save the customer money without any compromise in quality or satisfaction.

It’s not the traditional way, but it’s the Aleto way. Think about it the next time you consider a renovation or construction project—it’s a straighter path from concept to completion.