Now that we are 1/2 way through the year you may be wondering what are the hot trends that design builders are seeing this year. Overall we are seeing more bold color selections, a priority in outdoor living, bringing the nature inside, texture, digital additions and functionality boosts.

Many people who are renovating their homes are making bold choices with their color palette. Homeowners are looking for that “Wow” moment when guests are welcomed into their home. Some homeowners are simply choosing bright accent pieces for their spaces like pillows or furniture and others are going all out to make a statement of their personality and space. Clients are feeling more confident in choosing wallpaper that showcases their personality or painting an accent wall – or ceiling – something edgy like black or bright blue. We are also noticing a rise in more tactical finishes. People want to see and feel different textures when renovating their spaces. Many are choosing a zelliege handmade tile. Many tiles are coming textured now with subtle bevels or linen imprints just name a couple. Other textures are coming more in the form of interior decorations – furniture, rugs, accent pieces. Mixing textures delights the eye and pulls a room together.

To not overpower the space with bold color and texture, designers are mixing the bold in with more nature, earthy tones and bringing the light indoors. Warm tones have taken over the market with their calming feel. Stained cabinets and hardwood or hardwood look floors are growing in popularity again as people crave the need to connect with nature. Everyone wants light to shine in their new or old spaces. We are seeing larger banks of windows and more skylights being installed to bring nature inside. But, we don’t want to be inside all the time, we also see an uptick in upgrading outdoor living spaces. A simple deck rebuild or a fully redesigned outdoor space with a fireplace, fire pit and tv are tops on the popularity list.

The bold and textured spaces aren’t finding their way into the bathroom it seems. Bathroom renovations are tilted toward the calming, spa like retreat we all need. The colors are calming and relaxing. Shower fixtures and bathtubs are picked on comfort and style. More storage is being added to bathrooms to provide a place for everything to be put away leaving the bathroom serene.

Many are taking a moment to plan for their futures by thinking about aging in place and potential mobility issues – even those too young to worry about this at this point in their life are starting to make decisions now so they can move in their parents if needed at a later time. Widening doorways for walkers and wheelchairs to easily move freely through the home. Bringing a bathroom down to the first floor if their home doesn’t have one. Adding in grab bars or at a minimum backing in the walls for future grab bar placement. Zero entry showers are much desired for their modern look and ease of use. Many are adding a shower seat with handheld shower head. Even door handles and plumbing fixtures are being decided on based on functionality and use.

Go bold, mix textures, add in calming colors and enjoy the rest of 2022.