Since March families have adjusted their work life and school life due to Covid 19. As we enter into the 2020-2021 school year things look much the same as many adults are still working from home and many children are going to a homeschool or distance learning educational model. Finding a space for children to get work done can be a challenge, but if you plan appropriately everyone can work and learn together in harmony.

If you are fortunate enough to have an extra room in your home, you can set up workstations for everyone in the family. If not, you need to get a little more creative in your approach. Below are some ideas to help you navigate how to design your homeschool space.

Just as your home office space doesn’t need to look like your office at work, a homeschool area in your home doesn’t need to look like a classroom. Everyone needs to feel comfortable in the space so that they can focus on what their daily tasks are. Having a table or desk large enough to spread out and a comfortable chair are top of that list.

Having a space large enough to spread out and allow everyone to layout their daily tasks and possibly leave them on the table for the next day is helpful, but if you are at the dining room table, you may have to clean up at the end of each day. Having shelves or bins to store your items in near your workstation will allow you to stay organized each day. Keeping bins close by that hold all your essentials will be paramount in keeping your family on task with limited delays. We use computers, tablets and many other forms of electronics daily in both work and school life. Choose a location in your home where you can work and plug in those invaluable tools for success at the same time.

For homeschooling areas you may want to ask your student for help. What will help them learn? Many homeschoolers are choosing to put up a bulletin board to hang the student’s art and assignments as a form of encouragement. Having different outlets for writing may help your most creative students stay engaged – think white board, chalk board, painting, etc. Let’s not forget about nature’s classroom right outside our walls. Take the laptops and schoolbooks out to the backyard or porch and soak up a little fresh air while working and learning.

It’s no doubt that sharing spaces can be difficult at times. Make a schedule and set rules in place so everyone can get the most out of their day. Simple things like setting a rule that when the door is closed no one enters will allow parents to have conference calls or video meetings with out interruptions and will allow children to take tests distraction free. You can also set up comfy reading nooks for the kids in the corner of your office, the living room or even in their bedrooms where they aren’t to be disturbed until the reading is finished.

If a new or reimagined space is what your family needs. Give us a call and let us help you design an addition to give your home more space for your new lifestyle. Or maybe we can help you figure out a creative solution to modify your existing space by removing an existing wall to create a bigger more functional area.

Best of luck to everyone as we navigate this chapter of life. Stay safe, stay healthy!