We are over ½ way through 2022 and design experts are talking about what will be trending in 2023. If you are planning your 2023 renovation project, here is what they say you can expect to see hitting the spotlights next year.

Colors are going to a more calming, natural tones. We will be seeing earthy tones of cream, sand, sage, dark green and shades of blue throughout. The limelight is anticipated to be stolen by lavender. Whether it is used as a calming paint color in new spaces or stealing the show as a decorative statement piece of furniture it will pair wonderfully with the color tones found in nature. The pops of color we will see are going to be a dark emerald green, deep blues, bright reds and black.

Arches will take over spaces both in architecture and accents pieces. Many homes we see in the city already showcase the beautiful arch doorways that design experts are expecting to see requested in many home renovations in the coming year. Furniture and accent pieces will start hitting the shelves soon.

Organic and textile materials will be used and layered. Designers are starting to mix cotton, wood, velvet, leather and more textures to their homes to create interest and highlight our sense of touch. Bringing the touch to the table metals are going to be seen with more brushed finishes. Wood countertops will be in style when paired with a more smooth quartz countertop.

As more people are turning to social media the draw to Instagram is taking over the design world and many homeowners want Insta-Worthy spaces. Instagram has been showcasing designer homes with whimsical patterns, a nod to the 70’s with geometric shapes, wallpaper with patterns and prints and lots of color.

If color isn’t your cup of tea, many are expecting to see increased popularity in a monochromatic color scheme across all surfaces in the room. This is being tied together with hidden appliances a touch of contemporary style with classic décor all in the same color family.

What to expect in kitchens – well, white cabinets are not going anywhere yet. Stained wood cabinets are hitting the popularity poles as are the use of bamboo, cork, metal and glass materials. Remember we are moving to more sustainable and smart building with earth friendly products. Combining spaces to be more open, but seamlessly transition from one space to another is being made possible by less utilitarian looking and more style driven. The goal of these spaces is to not be able to tell where the kitchen starts and the living room ends. Pulling cabinetry into the living spaces, forgoing the backsplash and hiding appliances along with removing the upper cabinetry is allowing this trend to grow.

A key element will be lighting. Many are wanting more lighting than ever. Pendants that offer a unique design feature are tops with cabinetry lighting and task lighting right behind. And, speaking of cabinetry we are letting go of the cabinet handles to have clean straight lines – a minimalist look indeed.