After months of cold winter the days will soon be getting longer and warmer, and hopefully more consistently warm. Take advantage of this time of year to give your home some much needed TLC. We aren’t just talking about tackling your spring cleaning, we are talking about making sure your home is operating to peek performance, ready for those wet spring days and the warmer weather, because let’s face it winter can be hard on our homes.

Gutters and Downspouts – Clean out your gutters and downspouts from any debris. This will allow for proper drainage when those spring rainstorms come. Check that all gutters and downspouts are secure and not leaking. You can view the website and as stated by the experts you can check for leaking by running a hose with running water in the gutter.

Windows, Doors and Thresholds – Inspect these areas and fill any cracks or holes with caulk.

Window and Door Screens – Inspect your screens for holes or tears and patch any that you see. This will allow you to leave your windows open this spring without bugs crawling in. Wash your screens to get excess dirt and debris off. While the screens are off the window, give the windows a wash as well.

Air Conditioner Unit – Have your A/C unit cleaned and serviced. This will help it run more efficiently. Replace the air filters.

Foundation – Inspect the foundation of your home for any cracking or deterioration.

Roof – Inspect your roof shingles. Any shingles that are cracked, buckled or loose will need to be replaced.

Decks and Porches – Check all surfaces of the decks and porches including the railings to be sure they are still stable. Spring is a good time to treat and stain wood decks, porches and fences. Clean all decks and porches from leaves and debris to prolong its life.

Outdoor Water – Turn your outdoor water back on and check that it is operating properly without any leaking.

Outdoor Equipment – Pull out the lawn mover and other outdoor equipment to make sure it is ready for summer use.

Yard Maintenance – Rake leaves from your flower beds and prepare them for spring or summer by planting season appropriate flowers or bulbs to grow later. Do a walk through of your yard and pick up sticks and other debris. Check your fence and decking for any damage or deterioration.

Exterior Furniture – Clean exterior patio furniture.

Fireplace – After a long cold winter it is a good time to clean your wood-burning fireplace. Hire a chimney sweep for a thorough cleaning and inspection.

Tile – Check your tile for areas of worn or missing grout that could lead to water damage and mold growth.

Change your Batteries – Check the batteries and replace if needed in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Paint – Does any of your rooms need to be painted? Now is a good time to do it when the weather is mild and you can leave the windows open for circulation.

As with all your home projects, be safe while tackling your spring to-do list.