Yes, we know that you are capable of making decisions on behalf of your household. Yes, we know that you will communicate to your significant other what we discussed with you. No, we aren’t going to pressure you into signing anything – in fact, we don’t bring any contracts or agreements with us to the first meeting. So, why do we like to have all homeowners present?

Our first meeting is a meet and greet for you to get to know us and our process and for us to get to know you and your project. We ask that all owners are present so that everyone gets to meet face to face. It is important for everyone in the home to feel comfortable and trust us as their builder before any decisions are made and it is important for us to know what everyone expects.

Our first appointment typically takes 1-2 hours and a lot of information is shared, if only one homeowner is present, they then have to try and relay that information. Inevitably, we then spend a significant amount of time in subsequent conversations clarifying what was discussed.

As we share information with you, we are also listening to you. We like to hear from each homeowner what the priorities are for their renovation.You can try here to get the best renovation services. More often than not, each homeowner has a different vision on what their #1 priority is like for example, they need the pest control knoxville tn to do all the gardening and backyard maintenance and so on. So, for having everyone meet on the front end, our design team can and will work to include everyone’s wish list.

It is not uncommon during our first meeting for homeowners to discover their big picture renovation is almost similar, but the details are different. To deliver accurate pricing, we need to work through those differences and offer some design or functionality suggestions to make everyone happy.

One of the stories which comes to mind (and names have been changed for their privacy):

John called us to discuss having their master bathroom renovated. On the phone John told us that he and his wife Julie wanted to renovate their existing space to remove the huge jetted tub, create a more functional shower, new double sink, toilet, tile, lighting, mirrors, etc. The works. After some discussion with John we learned that Julie would not be able to make it to the first meeting due to work obligations, but he assured us that they have talked and are 100% on the same page. During our initial meeting at their home, John walked us through the space and explained everything they wanted to have done. With John’s permission we got to work on drawings and trade visits to their home to put pricing together.


Our designer finalized the drawings and we sat down with both John and Julie for the first time together. Upon looking at the design on paper, Julie was confused and initially upset with us. John told us that they wanted to remove the jetted tub and not replace it, but rather make a much larger shower utilizing that space. Julie thought they would be removing the jetted tub, but replacing it with a smaller freestanding soaking tub. This misunderstanding took us back to the drawing board to re-evaluate the space and re-design the bathroom so that Julie got her soaking tub and John received an upgraded shower that he told us was their top priority.

Having everyone on the same page from day one helps expedite the renovation process. It all boils down to communication.  We want all homeowners present at the first meeting so we can all get on the same page from day one and leave you with the new space you are dreaming of with the fewest hiccups possible.