It’s more than just a tagline for company. It’s how we do business. We don’t use the same set of plans for all our projects. We don’t build what we think your space should look like. We build for you; your lifestyle, your home and your future. It is important to us that your family’s vision comes to life, to do this we listen to your desires and then pull all the pieces together to make them reality.

To get to the end project that you have pictured in your mind it takes a listening ear, skilled craftsmanship and most of all, time.

  •  Time to look at the project, take photos of existing conditions and measurements of your existing space.
  •  Time to talk to you about what is motivating you to renovate, what you want to see in that space and how you will use it.
  •  Time for you, the builder and designer to meet and get to a design you have envisioned while keeping your budget in mind.
  •  Time to contact subcontractors to walk through the project, if needed.
  •  Time to shop with you to pick out your selections and receive accurate prices.
  •  Time to get variances or secure other approvals from the city and neighbors.
  •  Time to collect the data from subcontractors, designers and pull the collective efforts together in a transparent manner.
  •  Time to put everything in writing.
  •  Time to sit down with you and go over all the details and answer all your questions.

 Because your project is just that, your project.

 We create the unique experience that is all about you. We take the time on the front end of the project to work through all the details, all the what ifs and all the options to turn over to you a fixed estimate that we can stand behind and then a project that we know you will enjoy for years to come. We aren’t in the business to “win the bid”. We are here to create lasting relationships with our customers.

 We understand not every builder is a fit for every job and that’s ok. We encourage our clients to interview their builder options and choose the builder based on trust. Not all builders are created equal and if they are a good, reputable contractor they will invest more time into putting together an accurate estimate with real numbers for you. They will take the time on the front end to help you understand what you are getting. A good contractor sees more than another project. They see your dream home.