Like you, we have heard it all when it comes to picking your builder and designer, getting home renovation quotes, and the like. We are all told to get three bids, never give them your budget, the list goes on and on. But we are here to tell you why you should be honest with your Design Builder on your budget. After all, it will save you time and most likely money.

Once you pick your design builder – we have a few tips for that over at our “Contractors: how to choose wisely” blog to show you the things to take into consideration – you are ready to talk budget, design, inspiration, favorite colors and must haves in your newly renovated space. Let us explain why to resist the urge to hide your real renovation budget.

As a Design Builder we bring everyone to the table from the beginning; the designer, the builder and the homeowner. This allows us to work with you in coming to a design that suits your style and your budget. We have sat across the table from homeowners who brought to us a gorgeously designed space only to find out that we can’t build their project within their budget. We don’t want to be in that situation and either do you. Getting everyone to front end of the conversations allow us to stay on the path to a new space within your budget. Sometimes making even small changes will impact the price and not the aesthetic or quality of the build.

Homeowners can check out a knockout post or they can also hop over here to get the best garage door services .Often homeowners come to us with Pinterest worthy or high-end Houzz inspiration photo and ask us to recreate that space. .We know these bathrooms and kitchens are well above the average homeowner’s desire to spend on their home. Sometimes, these photos show a little bigger space than the bathrooms in St. Louis homes offer. That is where a Design Build approach shines. We all work together to discuss the options to expand your space or redesign the existing footprint and talking about codes, design functionality and building practices all at once. No back and forth time spent designing and redesigning to make the project work. You want the high end look finishes without the high-end price tag and we have the resources and contacts in the industry to source that million dollar look within your budget and without compromising on your must haves.

As with everything in the construction industry we can’t guarantee that we will not have a surprise when we open a wall, but the number of surprises decreases with careful planning and coordination between the builder and the designer. This is where picking your contractor is so important. If you have to trust your design builder with your home and your budget so that we can serve you the best.